Empowering Entrepreneurs

Certified marketing consultant helping consulting and service business owners double profitability.

MBA Entrepreneurial Management

Resident of Ecuador



I help consulting and service business owners
double their profits in 90 days
without struggling to find clients

Commercial Experience
Sales Manager
Portfolio of licensed process technologies

Developed and implemented a Licensing Strategy

  • Increase business by multiplying global licensing income from $3.2M US to $20M US per year.

  • Built and led an international team of 12 dedicated licensing persons negotiating hundreds of license agreements.

  • Enhanced access to segmented markets through improved business cooperation.

Strengthened value of technology portfolio

  • Captured operational feedback from units built under license, incorporating innovations from in-house research and development programs.

  • Brought new process technology to a mature state.
    The team won an award for Engineering Excellence.

  • Initiated and successfully executed the acquisition of a Canadian-based technology firm.

Business Consultant

  • Supporting technology start-ups in the energy industry

  • Improving production availability
    at commercial facilities with new technology

  • Expert within the gasification community

  • Seasoned throughout the engineering life-cycle
    from conceptual design
    to optimising commercial operation

Industrial Research Experience

PhD in Physics
Mechanical Strength of Highly Porous Materials
Application - catalyst carriers

Engineering Research - Gasification

Several patents

Licensed National Instructor, FIDE

I have played on the first team of Schaakclub Haren in the Netherlands for about thirty years.

Upon relocating to Canada, I served as the treasurer and later the president of the Fort McMurray Chess Club.

I also became a stronger chess player, with a top FIDE rating of 2143, and trained about 100 kids aged 6-12.

Chess Instructor

Personal Development

My deep interest in people development started with tutoring mathematics and physics, evolved into leadership and coaching, and culminated in creating the School of Purpose.

We are guiding your quest for a Purpose in Life by changing the way you think about your life and business.

Double Your Profitability

As a certified marketing consultant,
I specialise in helping
consulting and service business owners double profitability in just 90 days.